Feedback wanted on new Online Maps of the Irish Uplands

As part of the evaluation process within the TaLAM project, we have released some beta versions of the map on line. Here you can see maps of the Mt Brandon, the Galtees and the Commeraghs. Also are the NPWS upland surveys of the same areas and the current aerial photography.

Each map is presented at multiple resolutions and we are looking for comments on the different resolutions, the thematic classes and general utility. You can leave comments below- contact the team directly, or answer the short online survey.

We’ve produced a short document explaining the project and what we would like for feedback (TaLAM_feedback) and we’ve also produced an interactive pdf of the Galtee map ( Galtees_6)

Please take this opportunity to have your voice heard whilst there is still scope to affect the project outcomes.

DISCLAIMER: These are draft maps published only for comment. The team make no claims to their validity and the maps should not be used for any purpose other than to provide the basis of feedback to the TaLAM project.


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