Upcoming conferences – Let’s meet in Scotland

The next two weeks will be busy, as we are heading to Scotland for two different conferences. From 4th until the 6th of September, we will attend the RSPSoc 2013 in Glasgow [Link]. There, we will have two oral presentations, the first coming on Wednesday morning @ 11.15 in Session 1A held by Ingmar Nitze with the topic “Inventory assessment of grasslands in Ireland using hyper-temporal optical data”. Brian Barrett will present his topic “Improving grassland inventories in Ireland – the contribution of multi-temporal radar data.” during Session 3A on Wednesday at 15.30.

The following week  we will attend the ESA Living Planet Symposium in Edinburgh, which runs from September 9th until September 13th [Link]. Here we will have two poster presentations. The first one will be presented on Wednesday in Poster Session P06 – “Research and applications with optical RS – Land”. The second poster will be shown on Thursday in Poster Session P04 – “Research and applications with microwaves – Land”.

We are looking forward to meet you in Scotland.



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