Mapping and Monitoring Land Cover, Use and Change

Welcome to the Irish Land Mapping Observatory (ILMO) site! The ILMO project is developing an integrated Geoinformatics approach towards detecting land cover and use within Irish agricultural lands to facilitate reporting on national greenhouse gas emissions related to land use. A combination of radar and optical satellite data is being used to identify the optimal techniques for discriminating land cover, land use and their respective changes over time. Classifications of land cover are being assigned to vector based objects pre-defined by Ordnance Survey Ireland in their Prime2 database, with robust rules defined to match sub- or multiple-pixel land parcels to the most appropriate land cover and use. The research focuses on test areas which include all major agricultural regimes found in Ireland. From the land cover information greenhouse gas emissions will be determined, and outline documentation provided to demonstrate development of the regional application to a national scale and application to other land covers. The final product will be the Irish Land Mapping Observatory, a flexible system that can be adapted to a range of different land covers and uses.

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Dr. Brian Barrett



Ingmar Nitze



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